Construction Industry and Glass

If a top safety record is what your company desires, then you owe it to yourself to hire us.

Construction Industry and Glass

If you work on or near glass, both you and the glass are at risk. Yes this includes practically everyone, from Glass Suppliers to Curtain Installers and all others that are even remotely near to the glass on new or existing buildings. Glass has continued to get more expensive and is built with greater technology than ever before. Future building codes will increase costs even further as Tornado Resistant Glass, and Blast Resistant Glass become required.

Our Duns number is 01-951-6543


As long as we are building WCI homes, I will continue to ask for your services. You do a great job and I always tell customers that, when they have scratches in the glass. I really appreciate all you do for me. You’re a big help because without you I would be replacing windows and glass.

 Job Site Safety

 If a top safety record is what your company desires, then you owe it to yourself to hire the subs that also take safety seriously. We will not spare the expense and risk the life of our employees. We carry Worker's Comp insurance on all of our men, and have a completely clean safety record since day 1. More than 30 years in the construction business in commercial and residential work has taught us a few things over the years. I have seen others injured or killed due to unsafe actions. We'll not have any of that. My crew is important to our success.  The dangerous actions pictured here are from a local competitor. This is strictly forbidden for our crew members. We spent the extra money on the proper equipment to keep us safe.

 Low E Glass Issues

Please see the attached PDF document that discusses a current Low E glass haze issue. It is intended to help Builders, Glass window and door builders and end user customers.

Service reviews
We repaired their scratched glass!

Our project results speak for themselves. These are just a few of our many reviews. Look us up on Google to see all of the reviews left by our clients.

We just purchased a brand new home and during the walk through, we found scratches on our glass sliding doors.  The builder called Barry and he took them out completely.  It looks good as new, thanks for the quick courteous service!

Sarasota, FL

Wow my sliders are like new! I had several scratches on my glass sliders that I just couldn't live with anymore.  Im so glad I decided to trust in Glass Restoration Inc.! I have a new, clear, scratch-free view of Beautiful Bayshore again! - Tampa!

Tampa, FL

We hired Glass Restoration to touch up some blemishes on a glass project for one of our clients.  They were quick and were able to correct the imperfections on the glass.  This saved us hundreds of dollars from having to purchase a replacement piece.  Thank you for your help!  Awesome job

Tampa, FL

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