Glass repair services

We are factory trained by the top glazing industry inventors in the glass scratch removal field. The processes tha

We Polish Scratches Out Of Glass

We have been recognized by top industry professionals as the Go-To guys to solve glass surface problems. We have been featured in top industry magazines in the Construction and Automotive industries. Few can make that claim. Don't waist your time and money on replacing expensive glass that is scratched due to vandalism, improper cleaning techniques, or construction errors. Glass has continued to get more costly due to energy codes, wind and impact codes, and even blast resistant building codes. That is why our glass scratch removal service has become even more valuable than in the past decade, when we started in the business.

Experienced Glass Scratch Removal

10 years polishing scratches out of glass has taught us more than one thing. Most valuable is that, at 5 years into this business, we were much better than the first years, and not nearly as qualified and authoritative as we are today. It truly takes years to develop the highest level of skills and knowledge that we have acquired at repairing scratched glass. We have new competitors enter the field every year, and every year some of them contact us to offer to sell us their tools and their customer list, because they are getting out of the business. Anyone who recently started polishing scratches from glass has to go though the same learning curve that we did, and most try with the wrong tools and equipment, and not nearly enough training. Most of our competitors are part time glass polishers, just adding to their overall income from other ventures. They will never get the experience and expertise that we have gained by being full time scratched glass repair professionals.

Consulting with top glass producers

We have kept our finger on the pulse of the glass industry by consulting with glass producers on the latest technologies and trends in the industry. These things affect glass restoration and scratch removal techniques. For instance, do the others know the different challenges and requirements of Low E glass? Since it is now part of the building code, they need to know this to be effective restoring Low E glass. What about the challenges of 5/32" glass in today's homes? Knowing how to remove scratches from this glass will mean the difference between success and failure. Can they effectively measure the depth of the scratch in the glass? We can. This helps us to know when scratch removal is the best course, or if glass replacement would be a better option. What is the difference with color tinted glass? There is a difference in how it will restore. Experience-Experience-Experience. It matters!

What do we restore?

  • Hurricane Windows and Doors
  • Store Front Glass
  • Mirrors
  • Shower Enclosures
  • Cabinet Glass
  • Glass Railings
  • Table Tops
  • Bullet Resistant Glass
  • Antique Glass
  • Automotive Glass
  • Classic Car Glass
  • Heavy Equipment Glass
  • Museum Glass
  • Store Case Glass
  • Aviation Acrylics and Glass
  • Marine Glass
  • High Security Glass
  • Blast Resistant Glass
  • Impact Glass
  • Fire Rated Glass
  • Restaurant Case Glass
  • Grocery Case Glass

Service reviews
We repaired their scratched glass!

Our project results speak for themselves. These are just a few of our many reviews. Look us up on Google to see all of the reviews left by our clients.

We just purchased a brand new home and during the walk through, we found scratches on our glass sliding doors.  The builder called Barry and he took them out completely.  It looks good as new, thanks for the quick courteous service!

Sarasota, FL

Wow my sliders are like new! I had several scratches on my glass sliders that I just couldn't live with anymore.  Im so glad I decided to trust in Glass Restoration Inc.! I have a new, clear, scratch-free view of Beautiful Bayshore again! - Tampa!

Tampa, FL

We hired Glass Restoration to touch up some blemishes on a glass project for one of our clients.  They were quick and were able to correct the imperfections on the glass.  This saved us hundreds of dollars from having to purchase a replacement piece.  Thank you for your help!  Awesome job

Tampa, FL

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