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We have been recognized by top industry professionals as the "Go-To Guys" to solve glass surface problems. We have been featured in top industry magazines in the Construction and Automotive industries. Few can make that claim.

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Over 30 years experience in the field has placed us firmly at the top of the industry.

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Why Choose Glass Restoration Inc?

Because we can remove scratches from residential, commercial, automotive, even marine glass for less than replacement! We are the only company that major glass manufacturers recommend.


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We have kept our finger on the pulse of the glass industry by consulting with glass producers on the latest technologies and trends in the industry.
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Answers to our most common questions about Scratches in Glass.

Q:    How much does it cost to have scratches removed?

A:    The cost of repairing moderate scratches is usually approximately 20% of the replacement cost - very rarely over 50%

Q:    Is Glass Restorations Inc. able to estimate exactly what it will cost to completely remove scratches from a piece of glass?

A:    No, all scratches are different in length, depth, type of glass, and nature of the material that caused the scratch. We do have a lot of experience so our estimates are usually very close to actual costs.

Q:    Is there ever any distortion from polishing?

 A:    Any scratch removal system that removes material has the potential for distortion. That is why experience and expertise is so important.

Q:    Is polishing glass a good solution for mineral or hard water spots on shower glass?

A:    Yes, so long as the water scale has not caused severe pitting in the glass.

Q:    What area will Glass Restoration Inc. work in?

A:    Our fee structure is based on work in Sarasota and Manatee Counties in Florida. A 25 mile trip on way is considered our "Zone A". We will, however, work anywhere in the USA. In fact, we now have trained members of our team in the Akron/Canton, Ohio and in the Greensboro Triad in North Carolina with a similar fee structures listed in this site applying.

Q:    Are the fees the same in any circumstance?

A:    No. This structure is for normal travel within the stated areas. Customers outside those areas will have a reasonable travel charge added to cover additional expenses incurred. This fee structure assumes normal working heights where no additional equipment is necessary to reach the scratched area beyond an 8' ladder or 6' scaffold. In the event that more equipment is needed, the customer will provide or a rental charge is passed along for the necessary equipment.

Q:    Can scratches that grab a fingernail be removed?  

A:    Absolutely. We have even removed scratches from glass that you could feel with the finger, not the nail.

Q:    Can scratches be removed from tempered glass?  
A:    Yes. Generally speaking, if it can be scratched, it can be polished clear again.

Q:    How close to the edges can you polish?

A:    Right to the edge they can be polished, however, the corners are different because the polishing disk that we use is 2" in diameter, so there is 1/2" that cannot be reached unless the glass is removed. That being said, so far we have not seen a scratch that close to the corner.  

Q:    Do you polish scratches from tinted glass?

 A:    If the tint is through the glass, not surface applied, so the answer is yes.  

Q:    Is glass liquid or solid?

A:    This question has been argued in circles. The answer is that it is a solid. The misconception that it is liquid, or viscous, came from people speculating on why the waves in the glass always seemed to result in the glass being thicker at the bottom. Gravity-right? Not this time. Any glazer worth his salt knew to put the thicker side down when he installed the glass. That added structural integrity to the glass and resulted in less breakage for the glazer. Spun and stretched glass had waves from the factory that it came from. We polish scratches out of historic wavy glass too. Again, restoration is not complete until it all shines.

Q:    Does Glass Restoration work on yachts?

A:    Yes, Yacht and boat owners are a considerable part of our restoration services. Salt water is not good to glass, and that is where we can help. We can make the glass look new again and treat the glass to keep it looking new!

Q:    Can you polish out weld burns in glass?
A:    Yes. But it really depends on the severity of the burn. We have been successful on several weld burns, but have seen some that were too severe. We have been sucessfull on weld burns as deep as 3/1000"  so far.

Q:    Does restoration techniques void manufacturer warranties on impact rated glass?
A:    No. Cardinal Glass, PPG, and all the other industries use our services to reduce waste in their plants, where many glass scratches occur. They also recommend our services to outside vendors who sell their glass.

Please ask any other questions you need. If we are asked the same question more than a couple times we will add it to the FAQ.